Mineral Springs

hepburn-springs-211Check out over 100 therapies and health related activities in a five kilometre radius of Daylesford, the heart of Australia’s Spa Country.

Relax in the hands of an expert as you indulge in a natural or holistic therapy such as massage, mineral bath, body wrap and hydro therapy or be pampered with a facial, pedicure or other beauty treatment.

Take a walk or a hike and enjoy the beauty of national parks, naturally occurring mineral springs, botanical gardens, the Mineral Springs Reserve, lavender fields, lakes and historic villages.

Hepburn Springs is a resort town located in the middle of the largest concentration of mineral springs in Australia. It is in Victoria, 48 km northeast of Ballarat. At the 2006 census, Hepburn Springs had a population of 601 and Hepburn had a population of 375. Total population of Hepburn-Hepburn Springs is 976 and the Daylesford-Hepburn Springs area has a population of 3071. The town is named after Captain John Hepburn who was an early squatter of central Victoria.

Hepburn and Hepburn Springs are twin towns which are often badged together under the Hepburn Springs name. Hepburn Springs was originally known as “Spring Creek” and Hepburn as “Old Racecourse”.

Old Racecourse is the location of the recreation reserve and “new racecourse” is Victoria Park in nearby Daylesford. Both Hepburn and Hepburn Springs were located on the Jim Crow Diggings and the towns were settled by miners in the 1850s, predominantly from China, England, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.

hepburn_general_storeToday the village is known as a tourist destination spa town where visitors can sample the local mineral waters, and has spa and massage retreats, three cafes, six restaurants, four food takeaway venues, two pubs, a live music venue, three bars, a general store, shops and galleries.

Indulge in the enriching effects of natural mineral waters in Hepburn Springs, from luxury spas to food and wine and the lush, fertile environment.

Hepburn Springs is predominantly Edwardian architecture unlike the Victorian architecture of nearby Daylesford. This is due to the devastation of the 1906 bushfire which destroyed most buildings in the settlement.

Hepburn Springs is located in the Wombat State Forest between former volcanoes – Mt Franklin and Wombat Hill. The prevalence of mineral water in the area is related to the distance from the great dividing range and the volcanic nature of the geology.

hepburn-springs.mineral-watersUntil the 1930s Daylesford and Hepburn Springs flourished. The local authorities boasted that their naturally radio-active mineral water could work miracles. Among other things it could restore youth, helped jaded appetites, was a tonic for the blood and dispelled acute pain.

An advertisement from the late 1920s reads: “Warm in winter, yet with invigorating, bracing mountain air, and cool in summer, with restful nights peculiar to the district, the climate leaves nothing to be desired. The Hepburn Mineral Springs are famous throughout the State for their health-giving properties.”

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